Luton Airport Meet and Greet Parking

Meet and greet is perfect for anyone running to a tight schedule, weighed down by heavy luggage or travelling with young children. This simple drive-in and drop-off service is the ideal VIP parking experience.

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Luton Airport Park & Ride Parking

Easiest and Hassle free way of parking at any airport. Drive straight to the airport terminal, where you will be greeted by a fully insured chauffeur who will park your car in a nearby compound. Simply call the car park upon your arrival and your car will be delivered to the terminal.

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Luton Airport Parking

Luton Airport is the 5th largest and busiest airport in the UK. It is the only airport serving Luton and its neighbourhood. Parking at Luton Airport was an issue for a long time, but currently, everything is managed through automated online systems. Airport Parking Essentials is the best service for providing parking at any possible moment of the day. The airport is currently under the phase of the sudden increase of passengers so you would not be able to save time inside the terminal. We guarantee you for helping you're to keep your time in car parking phase.

We are cheaper, reliable, efficient, corporative, and time savers. We will grab your car from the terminal and let you get in as quick as possible. Your vehicle will be safe in our hands. We give you back your car on your return as per your ease.

The car will be parked in a fenced, monitored, protected and safe parking area entirely under our control. We have a reputation for providing the best customer service and timely responses since the first day.

Luton Airport Meet & Greet Parking

One of the best and highly used service by everyone who doesn't want to waste time in parking lots and to find spaces for parking vehicle and then travel extra towards the terminal. In the Meet & Greet, a fully insured chauffeur will get the keys at the terminal and would park safely in the parking areas. We will organise everything. The keys will be handover back to you upon the end of your travel

Luton Airport Park & Ride Parking

The most suitable for young and energetic people. We will guide you from the entrance to the parking area where you will leave your vehicle locked and keep your keys with you. You will be provided with a shuttle to reach the terminal. The security of the car is guaranteed and would be safe until your return.

Luton On Airport Parking

We own some of the close to the terminal parking spaces. You only have to book one, park your vehicle and walk to the terminal. There are the least possible distance and highly secure area.



If you are in the rural areas, then you will use the maps navigation to find the closest highway which would lead to Luton Airport. Luton is located in the northwest of London, almost 30 miles away. The Luton Airport is connected with M1 and M25 and is only 32 miles away from central London. The shuttle bus service is available in the Luton airport parking areas leading to the terminal.


The airport is providing services to almost 15 million passengers per year. It is a single runway airport with one terminal and is prioritised for private jets, leisure flights, and business tours. Majority of the destinations are within the UK and Europe. Due to its reputation in the business world, you can find a number of entertainment and refreshment centres as well as upgraded lounges.

History of Luton Airport

The airport started serving since 1938 for military purpose in World War II. After the war, the airport began serving commercial flights. Its renovations were frequently made later on, and in 1999, it was considered among the best airports for commercial airlines. Luton Airport in a comparison of other airports around London is regarded as the safest one, and it is observed that there are no on-ground and in-air hazards.


Airport facilities

Luton is one of the best airports concerning facilities. There is only one terminal, and almost everything is available under one roof. There are shopping option, food courts, gift shops and many more. There are dedicated phone booths where the airport staff assists in locating different areas easily for you. The basic facilities are listed as:

  • Bag wrapping
  • Baggage delivery and shipping
  • Business services
  • Car hire
  • Car valeting service
  • Cash machines
  • Concierge service
  • Fast food
  • Pre-prepared food
  • Restaurants
  • Information points
  • Free WiFi and Internet access
  • Group travel facilities
  • Transport facilities
  • Trolleys
  • Toilets and showers
  • VIP service
  • Inter-Terminal transport
  • Left baggage
  • Lost property
  • Lounges
  • Spa facilities
  • Chauffeur service
  • Currency exchange
  • Disabled access
  • Family facilities
  • Fast-track travel
  • Food and drink
  • Cafés
  • Meeting rooms
  • Parking facilities
  • Phone and laptop charging
  • Medical help and emergencies
  • Porters
  • Postal service
  • Prayer rooms and chapel
  • Shopping
  • High-street brands
  • Luxury goods
  • Convenience stores
  • Duty-free
  • Smoking areas
  • Social care
  • Spectator areas and viewing platforms

Top things to do in Luton Airport


The best thing about Luton Airport is their luxurious lounges and amazingly comfortable armchairs. There is unlimited Wi-Fi, charging points, snooze pods, and many more surprising things.

Shoe Shops

There are big stores where you can find beautiful shoes for your vacations or change to the office. You only have to step in and show your size.


Sometimes finding something to eat in a restricted place is a big problem. Luton has a vast number of food courts around the main lounge. Hot coffee, Fresh Juices, Salads, fast food and many more is waiting for you to experience. The continental food including Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and Mexican is also a surprise for you.


Sometimes you need to buy something including earphones, charger, power-bank, luggage bag, toiletries and others. There is an extensive variety of shops and stores where you can buy these things.


If your flight is delayed for more than two hours than you can hire a car and chauffeur for you to drive you around because Luton is much more beautiful due to its flower farms, green tea, and Zoo areas.  Currently, an art gallery, photo gallery, museum, War down house and antique centre is opened which are some excellent places for you to spend your time.